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Individual Liberty/Parents' Rights

Letter to the Editor, Londonderry Times, July 28, 2021

Did you know, about 30% of NH families are now eligible for a $4600 state grant to customize their children’s education? New Education Freedom Accounts, as part of our new state budget, are available just in time for the fall to families making up to 300% of poverty level. (For a family of four, that’s up to $79,500 annually.) The money is placed in a private account, much like an HSA, for private school tuition, tutoring, certain technology expenditures and other tools to individualize learning and set each unique mind on course to a bright future.

Our Londonderry schools have a great reputation, but one size never really fits all. EFAs expand options for students who don’t thrive under the traditional model by giving families control over per-pupil state education adequacy dollars. $4600 per year will enable those who know best, the parents, to choose the best learning environment for their children. And when a student uses an ESA to move on, the public school remains funded with local, state and federal tax dollars for an additional year; in Londonderry, where the average per-pupil expenditure is $17,600, that’s about $13000 to support fixed costs and plan ahead.

ESAs are modeled to save NH taxpayers close to $400 million in the coming decade, yet the benefits defy quantitative analysis. Empowering families to tailor schooling to each child’s needs will open doors, change lives and answer prayers. Please join me in thanking our Republican state legislators for working tirelessly to expand freedom of education in New Hampshire.

Laura El-Azem


LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Union Leader, February 26, 2019

To the Editor:

“Would-be tax dollars.”

“State-bound money.”

These are fabricated terms employed by opponents of the Education Tax Credit Scholarship program to lay meritless claim to privately earned money that never entered the state’s coffers, but was instead donated voluntarily by taxpaying citizens to a qualified charity. A charity that has, by design, helped hundreds of low-income children escape schools that have failed them and enter schools that better address their educational needs.

With a shameless, grasping greed, the sponsors of the bill make the baseless claim that eliminating the ETC scholarship program will return money to public schools. There is zero guarantee, and small likelihood, that this will happen. And anyway, every child who leaves public school for a private school leaves “money on the table” for that public school, so this fight isn’t truly about reallocating funds at all.

Rather, it is about shielding from scrutiny a system that often suffers by the comparison that choice offers, by people who seek to confine and control every student in the one-size-fits-all box of public education.



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