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2nd Amendment Rights

Letter to the Editor, Londonderry Times, September 3, 2020:

The mob chose Lauren Victor as their prey for two reasons: her color, and because they could safely assume she was defenseless. Hunting systematically through four outdoor dining areas on a hot August evening, they attacked like a pack of jackals, snarling and screaming, pressing in and pinning down their victim where she sat eating dinner. For long minutes they rage, on video, thrusting fingers and fists in her face in an assault that is petrifying in its intensity. These marauders cornered Lauren with confidence in her passivity because DC laws effectively disarm law-abiding citizens.

It is a scene that, sadly, could play out on the main streets of many American cities today, but I hope and pray the chances are less in the Granite State. Here in New Hampshire, predators are aware that any potential victim may be armed and ready to defend herself.

This week and in November, I will show up and vote for candidates who protect the right of every law-abiding American to defend themselves, their families and their homes. For the sake of peace in our streets, I ask that you do, too.

Laura El-Azem


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